Title tag is very important for a website. It’s say user and search engine what things have to in your page. Title is the a page of summary. Title tag must need unique. If you want increase you keyword search engine ranking you may use keyword title tag. If you make catchy and impressive title for your every page you will get good effect shortly.

What is the title tag?

Title is a part of meta tags which appear top of your html <head> area. Think title tags like the a book title of a chapter. Title tag tell people and search engines about your page. Title tags not only show browsers it called almost search engine.

When people search anything on the search engine and show result same time many website title tags that time people decide which website they are visit and it’s depend on catchy title tags. If you use better and catchy title tags then must people move your site. So make attractive and impressive title tag for your each page .

Please see the screenshot it would be more clear..

using title tag

What things you need to know for write a perfect title :

When you are writing your title for a page or post some important point you need to know. Here has quick some tips about seo title tag optimize. You should follow this point and try to implement you will get good result. You must take care about title tag because the title tag is first impression of people get of your site.

  • Research : At first research your title at relevant post. You need to know how people searching your site it helps your title tags.
  • Length : You should take care about your page title length. Title tags should be maximum 70 words (Including Spaces).
  • Keyword Placement : Your most important words use in the title tags as a keyword.
  • Make it unique : Please try to make unique content relevant title. You can use Google webmaster tool for that I would recommend it.
  • Keep important phrase :  Keep your important phrase short and simple, don’t use (and, if, but, then etc).
  • Don’t use duplicate title tags : You must be written different title tags for each pages. It would be bad effect on your site so avoid it.
  • Repeat Word : Don’t use two times same word. You can’t repeat words , Google and almost search engine don’t like it. So you can use synonym. (ex: and, or, then, or any keywords)

Using meta tile in WordPress blog site :

Very easy to use meta title tags in WordPress. You can use various way I will see basically how to using title tags for your blog pages.

  • Go to your WordPress blog admin panel, put your user name and password and log in.
  • Go to  side bar settings > General
  • Fill up site title area. Put your website tile, the title automatically set up your site.
  • At last press save.

Please see the below screenshot it would be more clear for you.


Content Post Title

  • Go to wp admin panel
  • Click Add New under the posts.
  • Put your post title as screenshot.
  • Write your content and post publish.


When you see the code through browser view page source then it show as like screenshot. Also you can test your browsers.

  •    Click right button on your browser then click view page source.
  • Or if you use Mozilla Firefox then you may use shortcut key (Ctrl+U) and see the code which you did.

viewsource show title tags

NB: I would give you suggestion that if you use WordPress then you may use Plugins it’s very easy to use and more effective. I using All In One SEO plugins. I recommended two plugins which performance more better than another plugins.

  1. All In One SEO
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Using meta tile in HTML Pages:

If you don’t know about HTML code it’s doesn’t matter you just follow below instruction and complete use title tags.

  • Open your html page, click right button and open with Dreamweaver or notepad.
  • Copy the below title tags and change title which you want.

html title tag use

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